Works composed for and premiered by NOISE-BRIDGE:

Composer Title Location of Premiere Date of Premiere
Matt Aelmore Aria of a Young Woman New York City, U.S.A. 2010
Matt Aelmore Cowboy Rock ‘n Roll U.S.A.,

a musical-theatrical evening

Stuttgart, Germany 2014
Matt Aelmore Pierrot’s First Musing New York City 2011
Matt Aelmore Pierrot’s Second Musing Esslingen am Neckar, Germany 2014
Drake Andersen Les sphères englobantes Stuttgart 2015
Drake Andersen Photons Baltimore, U.S.A. 2010
Marco Bidin Face to Face

(with TRIO FORTAGNE & TRIO vis-à-vis)

Stuttgart 2015
Eliza Brown Mirror Canons Chicago, U.S.A. 2013
Beatrice Campodonico In eco Ascoli Piceno, Italy 2015
Francesco Cipriano Le Onde (su testo di Gabriella Moruzzi) Lucca, Italy 2015
Andreina Costantini Liebeslied (su temi della ‘Incoronazione di Poppea’ di Claudio Monteverdi) Lucca 2015
Girolamo Deraco Èsprit de l’escalier

mini-monodrama in the form of a déjà vu with text by Vincenzo Reale

Lucca 2015
Hannes Dufek AUSSEN II / von Aussen Stuttgart 2015
Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler (The) long[PLAY] and [RE]winding (road) […] Ascoli Piceno 2015
Gregory Emfietzis Temporality New York City 2011
Chris Fisher-Lochhead Tandem Chicago 2013
Turkar Gasimzada birds whisper New York City 2011
Turkar Gasimzada Bu Axsham, Qushlar Esslingen am Neckar 2014
Ada Gentile Perché Lucca 2015
Christopher Goddard Vox Regula Reutlingen, Germany 2016
Rahilia Hasnova Pendulum Clocks

(chamber opera)

Stuttgart 2014
Colin Holter ART AND CRAFT Stuttgart 2016
Ui-kyung Lee an in-between ; please be always as you are Stuttgart 2017
Francesco Maggio Oggi è ancora YESTERDAY Ascoli Piceno 2015
Francesco Maggio Propaganda Reutlingen 2016
Michael Maierhof daily songs 6 Stuttgart 2015
Matteo Manzitti Wrong Predictions Lucca 2015
Paolo Marchettini Sont des mots Ascoli Piceno 2015
Günay Mirzayeva Love is you Ascoli Piceno 2015
Frederik Neyrinck Echo de Baudelaire New York City 2011
Nicholas Peters Genau New York City 2011
Jimmy Roberts The Heart of the Matter

(new arrangement)

New York City 2011
Stuart Saunders Smith All Too Human New York City 2011
Stuart Saunders Smith Blessings Stuttgart 2016
Stuart Saunders Smith RE: Verse Stuttgart 2015

Other NOISE-BRIDGE Repertoire (including works with other instruments)

Composer Title Notes
Georges Aperghis 7 Crimes de l’Amour (1979) With percussion
Georges Aperghis Cinq Couplets (1988)
Georges Aperghis Simulacre I (1991) With percussion
Tzvi Avni Leda and the Swan (1976)
Elliott Carter Poems of Louis Zukofsky (2009)
Pascal Dusapin So Full of Shapes is Fancy (1990)
Jan Kopp Achmatowa-Lied (2002)
Jan Kopp (arr.) “In stiller Nacht” & “Trennung” (J. Brahms)
Stuart Saunders Smith Notebook (1980) Version CFB
Ralph Vaughan Williams Three Vocalises (1958)